Installation instructions for Microsoft Vista operating system

  • Double click the “Program Setup” file on the CD.
  • Follow the installation instructions on the menu. When you try to install the program you may get the following menu:
    • NOTE: If you get the "COPY FAILED" message see the COPY FAILED section below.

Vista unidentified program

  • Click “Allow” to allow Vista to install the program.
  • If you get the following screen after installation:

Vista program may not have installed correctly

  • Click “This Program Installed Correctly"

Copy Failed

If you get the "COPY FAILED" message as below:

Vista copy failed

  • Click "OK"
  • The program will act as if it is loading but isn't.
  • After it tries to install click "CLOSE"
  • You will then get the Program Compatibility Assistant Menu:

Vista program might require admin

  • Click "Restart the program as an administrator"
  • The "User Account Control" Menu will come up:
Vista unidentified prog window
  • Click “Allow”
  • The Directory Already Exists Do You Want To Overwrite" will come up:
  • Click "YES". The file should install correctly now.


QuickTime and Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer to use most of our software. This is especially true if the program uses video clips. If QuickTime is not installed and you try to run the program you will get a red "X" going through the video window.

Instructions for printing the Flash Cards (if the program has them):

  • The flash cards require Adobe Acrobat to be installed on your computer. See Above.
  • Double Click on the “Flash Card” file on the CD to open the cards in Reader.
  • Print the pages as you normally would.